About Us

Welcome to the Prana ..the breath of life…

Blended with science, nature and wisdom. A perfect place to care comfort and relax. Ayurvedic Medicine, massage,therapies and unique treatments that helps to restore health & wellbeing. It’s a holistic approach that cares mind, body and soul.

Speciality Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal Teas and Handmade Skin care…..Each Spa therapies, remedies, treatment and herbal teas has been developed by Dr Doja Pukit (consultant in The Hale Clinic) & Dr Huma Purkit.. providing pure natural authentic therapy with absolute results.

Every human has abilities to enjoy good health. The Spa Prana provide authentic, pure and natural remedies, Ayurvedic medicine, massage, Meditation &Yoga, therapies and treatment to restore health.