M.O.T Health Treatment 2-3 Hours

Prevention is better then cure…Time to care yourself
Absolute indulgence to restore health

Personal consultation and individual health profile. Unique therapies and treatments.

Two to three hours of pure comfort and authentic benefit to renew, revive and absolute relaxation with dynamic result. Ready to act and move forward to enjoy good health.

Health MOT

Prevention is better then cure

What is a Health MOT?

If we service or maintain car, equipment, industrial machine and house. Why don’t we do the same with our own bodies? Take care of your health and beauty before it breakdown.

‘’The Wiseman says regular service MOT Health Cleansing provide the bliss of good health…..

A Health MOT provides you with an excellent opportunity to investigate your health and lifestyle choices. It is an important action you can take for your regular healthcare maintenance. The best way to check your health is MOT Health cleansing.

What Does A Health MOT Include?

Your MOT health check consists of 3 parts

First part consultation including:

* Time to talk about your own health concern

* Lifestyle Choices * Habit and addiction

* Diet & Exercise

The second part of the health MOT is natural health test and treatment including:

* General Examination * Height & Weight * Blood pressure

Third part of MOT health cleansing therapies

M.O.T Health cleansing           2Hours


Qualities and benefits of the MOT health cleansing Experience include:

  • Feel invigorated in body and mind
  • Enhance Alertness
  • Increase Confidence
  • Help Eliminate Insomnia
  • Treat Exhaustion
  • Relieve Tension
  • Anti-ageing Therapies  that repairs facial tissue
  • A deeply relaxing experience of bliss

Well-being Massage Therapy

Ultimate relaxation to refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate

It’s a total ritual of body massage from crown of your head, full back and sole of your feet. Apply with Prana aroma therapy oils and creams. Therapist checks individual health and energy profile and advice to achieve total wellbeing.

Highly inspirational therapies this relax the mind, body and soul. Leave you feeling sense of rejuvenation, refresh and revitalise.
Time: 30 minutes, 60minutes, 90 minutes

Prana Aromatherapy oil Treatment

Prana Aromatherapy is a unique body massage treatment with blend of essential oils according to individual symptoms and moods. Feeling great Sense of deep relaxation to alleviate stress, relieved tension & eliminate toxin. Authentic used on specific problems. Regular therapy recommended for preventive treatment.
Time: 30mins, 60mins, 90mins

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is dynamic treatment which is designed to relieve muscle tension, alleviate emotional stress and eliminate toxin. When muscle cells are stress then they produce toxic knots and blockage that contribute to pain, poor circulation and hamper cells nourishment. Therapist checks individual and treat them to unblock. Helping overcome stress, fatigue and eradicate pain.

Absolute result is both curative and therapeutic. Authentic benefit reenergise tired and aching muscle, feeling relax, revive and revitalise.
Recommend Regular therapy to maintain good healthy life.
Time: 30mins, 60mins, 90mins

Detox Back Recovery Treatment

It’s back care treatment with relaxing back massage which can relieve muscle tension and mental stress. Back deserve good care after work at home and office. Ideal way to maintain strength and promotes stability of mind and body.
Time: 30 mins , 60mins, 90mins

Feet & Hand care Treatment

Preserve Protect & Prevent Ageing

It’s a total ritual of feet and hand massage with Himalayan magic stone. The first happiness recorded in our feet. Regular feet and hand treat make you feel young and energetic.

Highly nourished therapies this relax the mind, body and soul. Leave you felling sense of bliss, refresh and revitalise.
Time: 30 minutes, 60minutes, 90 minutes

Hair care Therapy

Nourishing hair care treatment

It’s a unique hair care treatment. Therapist will check individual hair problems and advice to maintain good hair.

Prana offers the best treatment for hair loss and solutions to other hair related problems. Specially applying authentic herbs, shampoo, Hair tonic, Oils and handmade products helpful to prevent hair loss, dandruff. Itchy scalp, premature greying, alopecia, and hair thinning. Treatment with head massage and hair steam this help to relax head, stimulate hair follicle to promote growth, improve circulation, moisturise scalp and hair.

Absolute result and experience of liberation and increase confident and enjoy healthy hair.
Time: 30 minutes

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

It is a specific massage therapy that stimulate lymphatic system and eliminate toxin from the body. Ideal for water retention, promote healing of fracture and skin disorder, reduce pain and puffiness and dark circle under eyes and restore general health.

Deeply relaxing and strengthen immune system. Regular therapy to prevent, protect and preserve good health.
Time: 30mins, 60mins, 90mins

Marma Therapy

Marma therapy is a unique body massage treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. Feeling great Sense of deep relaxation to alleviate stress, relieved tension & eliminate toxin. Authentic used on specific problems. Regular therapy recommended for preventive treatment.
Time: 30mins, 60mins,90mins

Head Massage Treatment

Head massage is based on the Indian system of healing.

This is the massage done to the head, neck and shoulder. Authentic benefits stress, eye strain, tinnitus, tension, and headache, fatigue, relaxing and good for sleep. Ideal way to improve blood flow to the brain

Absolutely relaxing, awaken senses and liberated mind body and spirit.
Time: 30mins, 45mins

Pregnancy Support Therapy

Perfect gift for mother and child

It’s a nurturing and pampering massage treatment. Wonderful way to relax, relive back pain, swollen hand and feet and enjoy highest level of bliss.

We offer selection of treatment for mother and baby. Please ask at reception for further information
Time: 30mins, 60mins


Body scrubs exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting growth of new ones. Our body scrubs include moisturizing ingredients which leaves your skin smooth, healthy and glowing.

The process of scrubbing also stimulates circulation and movement of lymph, helping to fight cellulite and improving skin tone.

Milk & Almond scrub…Refreshing & Glowing. Ideal Moisturising

Rose and lavender….Relaxing & Renew

Milk & Ginger & Tea… Revitalise & Silky velvety smooth skin (Back)

Time: 30 minutes, 45 minutes


Body wraps draws toxins from the body and helps tone skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. Body wraps activate the lymphatic system thereby promoting detoxification and boosts metabolism. Benefits of body wraps include skin firming, cellulite reduction and softer skin.

Body wraps are excellent to fight water retention, and is recommended as a weight management treatment.

Almond & Clay Mud wrap….Refreshing, removing dead cells and tightening skin.

Rice & Coffee Wrap….Revitalise and deep cleansing to create smoother even skin

Rose and Sandalwood…Revive and Blissful and Renew skin tone

Time: 30 minutes, 45 minutes

Body Care Price List

Spa Clinic Time Price (£)
M.O.T. Health Treat 2-3hours 200
Wellbeing Massage Treat 30mins 70
60mins 90
90mins 130
Aromatherapy Oil Massage 30mins 60
60mins 90
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 90mins 110
Detox Back Recovery Treat 30mins 50
60mins 90
90mins 110
Feet & Hand Care Treat 30mins 50
60mins 80
90mins 110
Hair Care Treatment 30mins 45
10 treatment 350
Head Massage 30mins 40
45mins 60
Lymphatic Drainage Massage 30mins 60
60mins 80
90mins 110
Marama Therapy  60mins 90
Pregnancy Support Therapy  60min & 90mins 90 & 120
 Body Scrubs & Wraps  30mins & 45mins 50 & 60

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