Aromatherapy Facial Treatment….renew.

It’s a nourishing facial care according to individual skin type. Apply pure quality essential oils to help skin feeling brighter, refresh and looking younger.
Time: 45mins, 60mins

Oxygen Facial Therapy….de-stress

It’s a unique facial to revive skin and ideal for tired and stressed skin. Authentic benefits are brighter, cleaner and healthier skin.
Time: 30 minutes, 45 minutes.

Express Facials…refreshing

To suit all skin type, this Express facial will leave your skin relaxed, cleansed and refreshed.
Time: 30 minutes

Fruit Facial Therapy…booster

Fruit and herb facials help to awaken your senses. They help to remove dead cells from the skin. This facial is tailored to suit your external and internal needs.

Fruit facials use pure natural’s oils, cream, masks and massage to give you brighter, cleaner and healthier skin.
Times: 50 minutes, 75 minutes

Ultimate Skin Care Facial…bliss

Regular skin cares awaken your sense of beauty and wellbeing. Your skin is the key to good health and happiness.

Benefits of Facials:

  • To cleanse —removes the layers of dead cells
  • To detoxify—-boosts the circulation to improve the texture and general health of the skin making it radiant
  • To hydrate and brighten your complexion
  • Look younger, firmer and fresher
  • Protects against Ageing

Time: 45mins, 60mins, 90 mins

Sensitive Skin Facial…healing

A natural cleansing, skin balancing facial, using the natural antiseptic properties of Lavender and Tea-Tree to condition and balance the skin’s oils.

After cleansing a purifying mask and facial drainage massage draw out oiliness and normalising your complexion. Your skin is left feeling fresh, soft and super clean!
Time: 60minutes

Gold Facial Treatment…anti-ageing

It’s natural Ayurvedic uplifting facial. Applying gold cream with proven anti ageing effects. Dynamic way to strengthens and rejuvenate skin.
Time: 60minutes

Diamond Facial Treatment….anti-wrinkle

It’s a powerful nourishing facial. Help to reduce wrinkle, pigmentation, sun damage and restore skin tone. Ideal treatment to minimise fine lines. Skin is left feeling fresh, rejuvenated and younger.
Time: 60minutes

Rejuvenating Rose Facials….reviver

Our beautifying and luxurious Rejuvenating Rose Facial softens, moisturises and nourishes, using natural Damask Rose water, Geranium and Evening Primrose Oil to support circulation and purify your skin. More than a facial, this is a bliss. Cleansing, exfoliation, a rejuvenating facial massage and application of a hydrating mask are topped with a relaxing scalp massage and a silky, soft layering of hands and arms. This facial will leave your skin toned, polished, delicately scented and simply radiant.
Time: 70 minutes Course: Each month

Skin Care Price List

Spa Clinic Time Price (£)
Aromatherapy Facial Treat 45mins 80
60mins 90
Oxygen Facial Treat 30mins 50
50mins 80
Express Facial 30mins 40
Fruit Facial 45mins 80
60mins 90
90mins 110
Ultimate Skincare Facial 45mins 80
60mins 90
90mins 110
Sensitive Skin Facial 60mins 80
Gold Facial Treat 60mins 90
Diamond Facial Treat 60mins 100
Rose Rejuvenating Facial 60mins 90
Party Facial 30mins 50
60mins 90
Bridal skincare Facial 70mins 100
90mins 150

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